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Choose A Solar Panel Installation Service That Lasts
Looking for a quality and affordable solar panel installation?

Professional Solar Panel Installation Services

Mux Electrical Services offer solar panel installations for homes and commercial businesses in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. We offer, to our energy conscious customers, an extremely high quality, reliable and competitive solar energy installation service. Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority and we achieve this through high quality solar system installations coupled with a friendly, efficient service - qualities that have won us many green and eco-friendly customers.

Our skilled solar power installers and electricians provide QUALITY solar installation services all over the Gauteng area and are ready to serve you - giving you the best service for the best price. We have supplied low-cost solar energy solutions to many satisfied customers in the area. So let us provide you with a competitive quote on a solar solution for your property.

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Get an Energy-Saving Solar Power System That Meets Your Needs

The installation process of a solar power system can be a complicated process with each solar system installation being unique. There are many factors to consider before installing solar power for residential, commercial or industrial properties. The key aspect for any installation is maximum sunlight on the panels. The roofs of buildings are the most common location to install the solar energy panels as most usually have sufficient space and capacity to carry the extra weight. Regardless, solar panels can also be installed on the ground if a roof installation is not practical. Your inverters and batteries will usually be fitted inside the building and secured if needed. We will happily come out to make a detailed survey of your property and advise you on the best solar energy system to use.

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Solar Panel Installation Services for Residential Properties and Homeowners

Our residential solar solutions will not only save you money on your monthly electricity bill, but will also give you energy security for years to come - particularly during load-shedding. Our residential solar panel systems can inject power directly into your home's electrical system to power swimming pool pumps, washing machines, dish washers, geysers; it is possible to run a whole house on solar power alone. Our residential solar system design and installations will be configured to achieve all the solar energy-saving benefits you will love, based on the solar power system chosen for your home.
Backed by years of experience installing residential solar panel systems, we can confidently offer homeowners peace of mind that we will install a solar system in their home that will fulfil almost any energy requirement.

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Solar Panel Installation Services for Commercial Businesses

Mux Electrical Services commercial solar panel installations for businesses can help reduce your company's electrical operating costs. Investing in a commercial solar solution for your business has many advantages, such as reducing your reliance on the grid that interferes with production during load-shedding. We can advise on and install the most appropriate energy-saving solar panel system for your company. After coming out to assess your needs, our solar installation team will visit your business property to install your system, conforming to all the national standards and regulations.
With years of experience in installing commercial and industrial solar panel systems, we can give business owners confidence and peace of mind we will install a commercial solar system that will fulfil their business needs. You’ll be glad you did.

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Need Professional Solar Panel Installation Services?

Are you planning on installing a solar system for your home or business and want some expert advice?
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