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Your Friendly, Local Blairgowrie Electricians
Looking for a quality and affordable electrician for your next project?

Skilled Blairgowrie Electrician with Cost-effective Prices

Are you searching for a qualified electrician in Blairgowrie
? Mux Electrical Services are skilled electrical contractors in
Blairgowrie and the surrounding area,
commercial and industrial clients and domestic customers
QUALITY electrical installations, maintenance and testing.
We offer a complete range of electrical services in the area from fixing a broken switch to replacing the entire wiring of a home or office.
Our nearby
electricians work closely with companies, property developers, letting agents, private landlords, and homeowners, offering expert advice on electrics along with safe, efficient and cost effective electrical solutions. No matter what job you need doing; our local electricians will carry it out safely, with little disruption to your property as possible.

If you are worried about our electrician prices, we give our customers a safe and reliable electrical service that is competitive with other nearby electrical companies in the Blairgowrie area. Our main priority is to give you complete customer satisfaction by means of our high quality electrical workmanship, coupled with our friendly, efficient service - qualities that, time and time again, win us many loyal customers.

If you're looking for local QUALITY electrical companies in Blairgowrie contact us TODAY for a FREE QUOTE!

Quality Electrical Services We Can Offer You

Solar Geyser Installation Services in Blairgowrie
We provide a great range of electrical services to Blairgowrie businesses and homeowners. Here is a list of some services we offer, but if you don't see what you need then contact us. We have other services hidden up our sleeves.
  • Electrical Inspections and Repairs
  • Meter Installation / Reading Tests
  • Domestic Renovations and Repairs
  • House and Business Rewiring
  • Alarm and CCTV Installations
  • Distribution Board Installation
  • Earth Leakage Trip Repairs
  • Solar Geyser Installation
  • Lighting Design
  • Pre-paid Meter Installations
  • Gate Motors, Intercoms, Electric Fencing
  • Electrical Certification of Houses
  • Meter Reading Analysis
  • Stove Connections and Geyser Repairs
  • Solar Panel Installations
  • Installation of Generators and DC-AC Inverters

Do You Need an Emergency Electrician in the Blairgowrie Area?

Facing an electrical emergency is always a worry, especially at extremely inconvenient times, which is why Mux Electrical offers all of our customers in Blairgowrie a fast emergency electrical service. However, before we hit the road to handle your problem, which will hopefully save you money on an emergency electrician call-out, there are some basic checks we can go over with you on the phone that may resolve your electrical fault. If we can't resolve the fault over the phone, we will come out to your property and tend to your needs promptly.

CALL US TODAY to find out about our Blairgowrie emergency electrical service or other services we provide.

Electrician for Blairgowrie Residential Properties and Homeowners

Our Blairgowrie electricians think of electrical system safety in your home very seriously and so carry out quality domestic electrical services; even with prices that are competitive. We also know what stress electrical home installation and repair work can cause to our residential customers. So, to ensure your satisfaction, we aim to carry out our electrical installations and repairs as safely as possible with little disruption. We will fault-find, fix or replace anything electrical in your home from switches and sockets to electrical panels and home lighting systems. We will treat your home like our own.

Some Blairgowrie residential electrical services we offer:

  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Interior & Exterior Light Installation
  • Replacement Circuit Breakers
  • Electrical Home Inspections
  • Security Camera Installations
  • Outlets & Switches
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • New Circuits
  • Security Lighting
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrician for Blairgowrie Commercial Businesses

Our commercial and industrial electricians in Blairgowrie specialise in quality electrical services for businesses in the Blairgowrie area. We understand the numerous pressures during electrical works in business - consequences of power outages, health and safety, etc. - so we stay in continual communication with you throughout an electrical project - raising issues at the earliest stages possible. We will also keep you abreast of any electrical costs BEFORE we begin work. There are no hidden fees or miscellaneous charges, just quality materials and skilled workmanship, giving your company a safe electrical system.

Some Blairgowrie commercial business electrical services we offer:

  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Security Camera Installations
  • Electrical Maintenance Services
  • Upgrading and Rewiring
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Security Lighting
  • Generator Connections & Inverters
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Installation
  • Power Outlets & Equipment Moves

Need a Professional Electrical Company in Blairgowrie?

Are you planning electrical work on your home or business and want some expert advice?
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